The Make with Espoo platform encourages co-creation

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2020-11-12 8:49

Co-creation has been developed gradually in Espoo. This autumn, further steps have been taken towards a more systematic way of carrying out co-creation at city level. The City of Espoo recently launched the Make with Espoo innovation platform that invites companies and associations to develop services together with the representatives of the city.

Co-creation refers to an approach that allows residents, the city organisation, businesses, organisations, communities and research institutes to create a better living environment and better services together.

The Make with Espoo innovation platform is a website that aims at encouraging businesses, associations and the city’s experts to co-create services. At first, development efforts will focus on products, services and solutions that promote learning and teaching. However, all other units within Education and Cultural Services, such as day care centres and cultural services from libraries to museums, have been invited to participate in the activities.

Customer-oriented development – soon extending to cover other themes

In the future, the Make with Espoo platform will be developed to cover the entire city organisation and other themes. These themes could, for example, include sustainable development, well-being and transport. The platform is not tied to a specific sector or unit. Instead, it encourages participants to examine things in a customer-oriented manner through various themes and phenomena.

“On the platform, you can create your own development idea, read about the ideas developed by others and look for suitable co-creation partners. Once a suitable partner has been found, the development idea can be refined into a development project. The projects are carried out through co-creation in real environments such as schools and day care centres,” says Project Manager Maiju Haltia-Nurmi from the City of Espoo Education and Cultural Services.

Co-creation workbook available online

In addition to creating the innovation platform, Espoo’s Education and Cultural Services has produced a new workbook entitled “Yhteiskehittämisen ABC – Askeleet yhteiskehittämiseen Espoon oppimisympäristöissä” (“The ABC of co-creation – The steps of co-creation in Espoo’s learning environments”, only available in Finnish). The publication serves as a co-creation manual and will help you understand what co-creation means and how a co-creation project could be carried out in Espoo’s learning environments.

You can download the workbook online at and through the Make with Espoo innovation platform at

Long-term efforts in the background

The Make with Espoo innovation platform is the result of long-term co-creation efforts in the field of learning and teaching in Espoo. The City of Espoo Education and Cultural Services first developed the model of “accelerated co-creation by schools and companies” (KYKY) as part of the 6Aika project in 2016. At the time, a website known as the KYKY marketplace was used as the online matchmaking platform.

Further development, for example to create the new innovation platform, has taken place through collaboration between two 6Aika-funded projects (Smart learning environments of the future and Ecosystems of Growth) and the Developing KYKY project funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

“All parties, not just schools, are invited to take part in co-creation, so we decided to give up the name KYKY. From now on, all City of Espoo co-creation projects will take place on the Make with Espoo platform. It highlights the idea of working together and invites everyone to join our development efforts,” Haltia-Nurmi says.

Further information

Project Manager Maiju Haltia-Nurmi, City of Espoo, Education and Cultural Services, tel. 040 552 8446,

6Aika logos: 6Aika, Leverage from the EU 2014-2020, European Regional Development Fund, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

Financing from Finnish National Agency for Education