The Federation of Espoo Enterprises supports entrepreneurs

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2020-08-19 10:50

The federation actively safeguards the interests of entrepreneurs in many ways. We have good dialogue with the City of Espoo management and the Economic and Urban Development Unit. Our communication is straightforward and based on a future-oriented spirit of cooperation. Even the most difficult issues can be discussed openly and without arguments, genuinely aiming for collective success.

Advocacy work requires patience and perseverance. It often takes a long time to see the results. As entrepreneurs are used to rapid decision-making in their daily work, these official processes may seem slow, even painfully slow at times.  

We understand the entrepreneurs’ pain

Delayed decisions, whether they are to do with business permits or traffic arrangements in the local district, often have a significant impact on an entrepreneur’s business planning and chances of success. It is understandable that entrepreneurs are not always entirely satisfied with the city’s activities or the advocacy work of the entrepreneurs’ association in these situations. Entrepreneurs usually want officials to make decisions more quickly and anticipate the related effects.

It is important that the representatives of the entrepreneurs’ interest organisation are heard at both local and national level before any decisions that affect business activities are made. The more members we have behind us, the more likely both office-holders and elected officials are to listen to our messages.

In addition to local advocacy work, the Federation of Espoo Enterprises supports the national advocacy work of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät). We in Espoo also have a reason to be proud of the remarkable results we have achieved over the past year. 

As a result of our patient and persistent efforts, we had a significant impact on the following matters in 2019:

  • The government programme will not increase taxation for entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • The unemployment security of an entrepreneur’s family members improved.
  • The share capital requirement for limited liability companies was eliminated. 
  • The new Working Hours Act increased the possibility of flexible working hours.
  • The grounds for terminating an employment contract must take account of the size of the company and especially a small number of employees.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings were streamlined. 
  • The division of income sources will be eliminated for the tax year 2020, allowing income and losses to be offset against each other.
  • Public sector organisations must now maintain separate accounts when involved in market-based business activities.

Without a large number of members, it would be impossible to do effective advocacy work that actually benefits entrepreneurs. We hope that you entrepreneurs find our local organisation here in Espoo useful and are involved in this community and network of entrepreneurs. Our organisation was established by entrepreneurs and is therefore “owned” by entrepreneurs.

If you are not yet a member of the Federation of Espoo Enterprises (Espoon Yrittäjät), join us now. or tel. 010 422 1400. You will then also become one of the 115,000 members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät). Remember that the membership fee is tax-deductible.

Erkki Pärssinen.

Erkki Pärssinen, Managing Director, Federation of Espoo Enterprises