Superheroes of Business Espoo: Iiro is at the heart of customer service

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2020-07-28 15:01
Iiro Oura, Customer Coordinator at EnterpriseEspoo.

The Superheroes of Business Espoo series introduces you to Business Espoo employees who work for the benefit of local entrepreneurs and companies. The first one is Iiro Oura, Customer Coordinator at EnterpriseEspoo. Iiro is often our first contact with customers as he takes the calls made to the Business Espoo customer service number and replies to emails. These are Iiro’s answers to our superhero questions.

When I was little, I thought I was going to be... a little smaller than everyone else. I was usually the shortest in the group. Haha, just joking. I dreamed of a creative profession, anything from becoming an architect or a rock star to pursuing a career as a media producer or a painter. Luckily my current work allows me to use some of my creative skills. I have always had the same hobbies: music and photography.

My superpower is... laughing at myself. I wish everyone had the same superpower because it really helps in a bad situation.

There are two things I can’t live without, and they are... a delicious steak and Puma tennis shoes. Although I do try to increase the share of veggies on my plate, once a week I just have to cook a proper steak with my absolutely unhealthy home-made creamy peppercorn sauce using my own recipe. To be enjoyed with a glass of Merlot or Shiraz, of course. A great way to soothe a weary mind. In addition, ever since 2005, my wardrobe has featured at least one pair of Puma Scuderia Ferrari Drift Cat shoes. The best shoes in the world if you ask my feet. They make a great work and leisure shoe.

This is how I help companies/customers at Business Espoo... My role is to act as a link between customers and our experts. My main job is to take calls and respond to emails. Although the responsibility for this work is shared between many parties, I’m also a member of a group that develops “uncomplicated customer experience” tools, including our chatbot Bertta.