Personal advice

EnterpriseEspoo is a full-service start-up centre providing the support of a team of skilled business advisors. You will receive sparring for raising finance and developing a business idea as well as advice on testing entrepreneurship, light entrepreneurship and choosing a company form. It is therefore advisable to receive advice even before applying for funding or deciding to start an entrepreneurial activity. Your business advisor will give you tips on how to make a business plan and check that your profitability calculations and financial calculations are in order.  

The template for the business plan and the various calculation bases can be found here.

In addition to our business advisors, you also have access to our local expert network, which will also help with financing. The first consultancy visit to the expert is free of charge.

Referral to external services: public financiers, private financiers

Various expert services and funding opportunities are available to businesses. Here we have listed the most important services and sources of funding. We also help entrepreneurs through private appointments and by bringing investors and businesses together.

Business Finland’s Innovation Voucherprogrammesfunding and support for international growth

Business development services and development support for internationalisation (ELY Centres, both websites in Finnish)

Finnvera’s loans and guarantees

Fiban helps growth companies to find angel investors who usually invest in start-ups in the early stages of the company or when the company has its first paying customers.

EU financial advice

As an entrepreneur, you will receive EU financial advice from many parties.

  • EU financial advice of Enterprise Europe Network

    We provide information on the funding opportunities and programmes offered by the EU and support companies in identifying a suitable EU funding programme. We help companies find out which funding programmes could be useful for their business. Additional information. See the EU funding guide (pdf).

    Contact us preferably by e-mail: Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce/Enterprise Europe Network, Johanna Marin-Hyppönen
    EEN’s other experts in Finland.
  • Financial services of Business Finland

    Business Finland provides information on, among other things, EU research, development and innovation funding, the European Innovation Council, various types of funding, cooperation projects and projects of individual companies. Business Finland advises companies in finding an appropriate financial instrument and suitable calls for applications, and provides practical assistance in applying for funding, for example by commenting on applications submitted by companies.

    More information is available on the Business Finland website.
    Contact us:
  • Finnvera’s EU financial arrangements in support of companies

    ​Finnvera provides information on the following topics:
    • European fund for strategic investments (future InvestEU) and advisory service
    • Market-based EU funding: loans, guarantees and investment funds, EU-supported SME funding programmes, European investment advisory hub (including project preparation support), European investment project portal (project presentation to investors)
    • European Investment Bank and Fund

Contact information:,
More information on the Finnvera website.

Entrepreneur, utilise EU funding

Watch a recording of the EU funding webinar on the Business Espoo YouTube channel and learn the fundamentals of the EU funding options available to SMEs. The webinar explains, for example, the different types of funding and programmes, calls for funding applications, consortia, business support, reasons to apply for EU funding and future EU financial instruments. (The recording is mainly in English.)


Financial Clinic

Planning gives your business wings. Your business plan and calculations are important tools for planning and defining how much and for what kind of projects your company needs money. If the cash flow suddenly stops, the growth of your business will also stop.

Plans help you to focus on the right things when starting a business and developing its operations as well as telling you how the need for money changes at different stages of the business and when money is needed. Plans and calculations also help you, for example, to solve the company’s future financing needs.

At the clinic meeting, you can review funding models and discuss possible financing solutions. Plans will greatly facilitate negotiations with the bank or investors. We therefore recommend that you prepare a business plan and calculations.

Are you interested in discussing the financing of your business with an expert?

Make an appointment at the Financial Clinic if you want:

  • information on available funding opportunities
  • expert tips on financial planning and calculations
  • advice on financing change situations
  • tools to succeed in financial negotiations with the bank or investors.

Target group: The Financial Clinic is especially intended for SMEs and start-ups, but sole entrepreneurs are also welcome.

When and where? On EnterpriseEspoo’s premises, Otakaari 5 A 02150, Espoo.

Book an appointment electronically >>

  • First select the clinic for which you wish to make an appointment.
  • Go to the day booked for the clinic in the calendar (e.g. 10 March).
  • Fill in your information and book the appointment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • Note: If you cannot find a free time on the booking page, the clinic is full.
  • You can also book an appointment by telephone at +358 10 3366 550.

Digital matchmaking platforms

The Launchpad matchmaking platform helps startups grow by connecting them with the right investors and large enterprises. Create a profile for your company to find out about other companies and opportunities for collaboration and contact potential partners. The platform will also provide you with tailored information about opportunities that may benefit your company.