For Aivo Health, remote work highlights the importance of communication

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2020-06-08 14:23

Operating in Finland and the United States, Aivo Health, Inc. is a company working on a digital health service for people with chronic pain. The demand for such services has increased during the coronavirus situation. According to CEO Mika Marjalaakso, the company was already used to remote work which has made it easier for them to continue working.

How is your company doing at the moment? What are you working on?

Given the circumstances, we are doing quite well at the moment. The coronavirus situation obviously has an indirect effect on us as it has changed everyone’s daily life and forced us to adapt. At the moment, we are preparing a clinical study that will be conducted in the United States. 

Has your company worked together with any of the operators in the Business Espoo network?

No. However, Business Finland is one of our strategic partners and has enabled us to forcefully invest in product development. Without it, we would not have come nearly as far as this.

What is the most important lesson or insight that you have had because of the coronavirus pandemic?

Each and every one of us has probably realised a thing or two about the world and about the speed at which we can make change happen. Our company has at least one special characteristic. We are a fairly small team. There are about 15 of us, five in Chicago and the rest here in Finland. Thanks to this, we were already used to working remotely and collaborating regardless of physical locations and time zones. Nevertheless, we have now noticed that when everyone works from home, we stand on a more equal footing in a way. You see, before the pandemic, some of us used to share a room while the rest were working remotely. This affected the way we communicated.

What does your company hope to gain from Business Espoo’s services?

We have no specific expectations. 

How has the situation affected your company’s operations?

As I said earlier, the impact on our daily work has been small. The importance of communication is obviously highlighted. From the business point of view, however, this may even have positive consequences for us. We offer personalised chronic pain management services that are delivered digitally to the user’s smartphone. Services like this are in high demand right now as few people want to see a doctor in person because they are afraid of contracting the coronavirus. These services also lighten the already heavy burden on health care providers, allowing them to focus on treating coronavirus patients. 

Have you developed new practices during the coronavirus situation that you plan to continue using?

Not yet but we still might. But let’s hope that the situation returns to somewhat normal soon so that we all can go back to enjoying each other’s company face to face.

Read more about Aivo Health, Inc. on its website.

Staff of Aivo Health, Inc.
Staff of Aivo Health, Inc.