Espoo seeking to experiment with low-carbon mobility solutions

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2020-10-12 17:17

Through the acquisition of agile experimentations, the City of Espoo is looking for pioneering solutions that promote low-carbon mobility in Espoo. The goal is to try out new, sustainable ways of mobility in a real urban environment.

The experimentations seek to find new solutions for the development of travel chains based on public transport and for low-carbon mobility at transport hubs.

Nearly 50% of trips in Espoo are made by car, and road transport accounts for some 30% of the city’s climate emissions. In addition, many new mobility services are currently fragmented partial solutions, although there could also be demand for large regional service packages.

Espoo is committed to being a carbon-neutral city in 2030 and challenges itself to promote the growth of sustainable ways of mobility.

Community or company, offer a solution

The City of Espoo has identified five problems to which it challenges companies, communities or other suppliers to come up with solutions through agile experimentations:

  • challenge 1: coordination of existing mobility services
  • challenge 2: a solution that promotes sustainable mobility during construction or one that uses 5G networks
  • challenge 3: a mobility service that solves the last kilometre problem
  • challenge 4: a solution to develop the smooth transfer of travel chains at transport hubs
  • challenge 5: a solution to promote pedestrian traffic and cycling at transport hubs.

Suppliers can also respond to an open challenge by presenting a solution promoting low-carbon mobility at transport hubs.

The solution may respond to one or more challenges. It may be a new operating model or service or one that complements previous activities. The solutions offered may be digital or physical services or products. The solution may target one or several transport hubs in Espoo or facilitate mobility in Espoo in general.

Any supplier responding to the challenge must have a Finnish business ID.

Online info on 14 October 10–11am

The City of Espoo will organise an open information event on the procurement on 14 October 2020 at 10–11am (the event will be held in Finnish). Organised through Teams Live, the event presents the challenge of agile experimentations, discusses the application process and answers questions. Questions about the procurement can also be submitted in the Supplier Portal.

Register for the information event to receive an invitation by email.

Submit your tender in the Supplier Portal

Submit your tender to the City of Espoo via the electronic Supplier Portal in Finnish or English no later than on 23 October 2020 by 11:59pm. You can find the contract notice (in Finnish) in the Supplier Portal. You can view all information of the contract notice when logging or registering in the service.

More about the project

The experiments are part of the “Low-carbon transport in mobility hubs” 6Aika project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Transport hubs refer to hubs where different mobility services are available. Mobility services may be related to carsharing, peer-to-peer renting or everyday goods transport, or they may otherwise facilitate the low-carbon mobility of people or goods.

In addition to the City of Espoo, Business Tampere, the City of Oulu, Turku University of Applied Sciences and the City of Turku participate in the project.

Additional information

project manager Tuomas Kiuru
6Aika: Low-carbon transport in mobility hubs project
City of Espoo
tel. 040 552 2646