Helping your company overcome challenges

A company’s life cycle contains both ups and downs. Business Espoo supports companies in changing situations and in the face of crises. You can turn to us when your company faces challenges relating to, for example, financial difficulties, legal issues, entrepreneurial resilience, business reorientation, acquisition/change of ownership, business closure or bankruptcy.

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Change of ownership or generation of a company

A change of ownership or generation of a company is a challenging stage in the life cycle of the company, and it is advisable to seek external expertise as early as possible. When a change of ownership is done skilfully, it gives the company a new boost and offers opportunities for success. But even a strong company can have big problems if the change of ownership is done carelessly.

Closing a business 

Closing a business is not necessarily dramatic. The entrepreneur may simply have entered a new chapter in life, moved to a different place, found an interesting job or completed a degree. If the business cannot be sold, the operations must be run down as required by law. Different requirements apply to different company forms. If you are planning to dissolve your company, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with these topics to avoid mistakes, a prolonged process and extra costs.

Business Espoo’s transition services 

Business advice

  • Advice to operating companies on:
    • Acquisition/change of ownership
    • Financial difficulties
    • Legal issues
    • Entrepreneurial resilience
    • Business reorientation
    • Business closure, bankruptcy

Network of experts

  • With a business expert’s referral, free first meeting with a consultant, accounting firm, lawyer or other expert on the above-mentioned topics
  • Business clinics

Counselling lawyers

  • Free initial advice for members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Espoo Enterprises

Employment services

  • Advice in lay-offs and redundancies
  • Change security
  • Targeted training (TäsmäKoulutus) and change training (MuutosKoulutus)
  • Job search service/business coordinators
  • Business services provided by employment services
  • Korko service to support the job search of highly educated people over 30 years of age

Competence development services

  • Entrepreneur career guidance
  • Business sparring service (coming up)
  • Supporting change of ownership
  • Competence development services in changing situations
  • Business events calendar: