Business Espoo is taking part in the Europe´s biggest Hackathon

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2019-11-13 14:15

One team working at Junction 2018 -event

Business Espoo is involved, when over 1500 hackers will gather in Otaniemi campus for the Europe´s biggest Hackathon “Junction 2019” next weekend.

EU funded 6Aika strategy growth ecosystem project and Business Espoo network has joined forces to help Junction 2019 hackers to find paths and opportunities after the hackathon. Business Espoo experts will give advices to all entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.  While learning on the range of business services as well as Talent Boost opportunities offered in Espoo participants are also able to get a deepdive on where to eat – what to see – where to go from Visit Espoo tourist info.

The Ecosystems of Growth project has created a process for further development paths, allowing to channel hackathon ideas, teams and talented individuals into the city’s experimentation process or elsewhere in the innovation ecosystem. The city wants to support the development of ideas into businesses. The goal is to develop this process at Junction 2019 event. Growth ecosystem guidebook for “what happens beyond hackathons” is available for hackers with a business mentor on the side.

Junction will be held on November 15 -17, 2019 and there will be participants from 100+ different countries.  
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What is Junction?
Junction is a global tech community, organizing hackathons and tech events around the year and around the world offline and online. Junction 2019 is the flagship event - Europe’s leading hackathon, organized for the fifth time this year!*

A hackathon is a tool for problem-solving, bringing together a group of people to find solutions to a given challenge. The word has its roots in software development, but it is widely used to describe intensive, short-term problem-solving.

The aim of the Ecosystems of Growth project is to support closer cooperation between companies as well as between companies and research, development and innovation organisations. In addition, the aim is to provide growth-oriented companies with more information about the ecosystems and business growth programmes and services that already exist in Espoo. Read more about the ongoing projects.

*Source: Junction´s website.
Photo: Junction 2018 Friday (c) Aino Röyskö

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